Red wine and spicy food

Why red wine and spicy food actually can work together

When things get too spicy – red wine and spicy food

It’s always the same dilemma at a restaurant, what wine to choose with the meal. A safe bet is to ask the wine expert of the house or quickly consult Dr. Google on your mobile device. What if you are having a rather exotic meal this evening which also contains quite a bit of overpowering flavors and spices? What if the food you are having is literally a tongue burner? Read more

wine grapes for sport nutrition

Why use wine grapes for sport nutrition?

Wine grapes have been around since the early days, some 7000 years to be precise. They were somehow always present in the life of mankind, be it as a delicious snack or part of a luscious meal or in the form of fermented grape juice. However, no one thought of using wine grapes for sport nutrition before. Read more