wine grapes for sport nutrition

Why use wine grapes for sport nutrition?

Wine grapes have been around since the early days, some 7000 years to be precise. They were somehow always present in the life of mankind, be it as a delicious snack or part of a luscious meal or in the form of fermented grape juice. However, no one thought of using wine grapes for sport nutrition before. Read more

wine grapes and grapevine

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The power of wine grapes and grapevine

We from Powered by Grapes Ltd. Pte. are passionate and dedicated to wine grapes and grapevine and everything that derives or gets it inspiration from it. Three aficionados from the wine and spirits industry with love to detail, an ambitious amateur approach to sports and competing in races and enthusiastic about what nature has to offer, hope that with our innovative products and services, we will give you the best experience ever. Read more