• Powered by Grapes is a lifestyle company creating products using grapes, grape-vine derived products or by simply being inspired by it

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About Powered by Grapes

Passionate about nature, sport nutrition and endurance, Powered by Grapes enhance lives with innovative products that are made from, or are inspired by, wine grapes. With many years of experience in the winemaking and viticulture industry, we also provide professional services to our clients within Southeast Asia.

We strongly believe that the full potential of grapes has yet to be explored. Besides increasing endurance, the immune system and oxidative metabolism, wine grapes have been proven to enhance cardiac function, help prevent cancer, reduce inflammation, and improve memory and mental performance while slowing signs of ageing.

Our Brands

Tireless research and development has enabled Powered by Grapes to create a range of delicious, lifestyle-enhancing and health-driven brands in the ready-to-drink, energy drink, sport nutrition and supplements, wine and spirits and cosmetic markets.

Through our science-backed selection of winery partners, our dedicated experts have been able to ensure the best possible quality products. We select only the highest quality grapes with optimum mineral content, flavour profile and sugar level for the very best sport nutrition. We do not add any supplements to our products, and all minerals are there naturally.

Popular Products – Vindurance

Vindurance is an endurance energy fuel and sport nutrition based on wine grapes, created by sport and nature enthusiasts for people who enjoy outdoor pursuits and physical activities.

Knowing the health benefits of grapes, also called by many “Super Fruit”, and in particular wine grapes, we started this journey to bring to our consumers a healthy sport nutrition deriving from wine grapes and grape-vine based products.

Therefore we strive with VINDURANCE to create the ideal fuel for your daily work-out, sport activity or up-coming competition.

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